Tile & Grout Cleaning King of Prussia, PA

Moore Tile & Grout Cleaning

Transcend Facility Management Company understands that flooring is a significant investment in your King of Prussia, PA home or business. It is the foundational decorative design of the interior of King of Prussia, PA facilities and homes. Hard Flooring, tile & grout has to be maintained and cleaned regularly to keep up its appearance and enhance its life span.

Over time, hard surface flooring like ceramic tile and natural stone can become embedded with dirt, grease, and grime that regular cleaners and mops just can no longer remove, especially those hard-to-clean grout lines.

This is where our King of Prussia, PA hard flooring, tile and grout cleaning services can help. With our restorative cleaning process, we can bring back the appearance of your King of Prussia, PA home, office or business flooring to the way it used to be. We strip, finish, and burnish floors. We clean and restore grout to almost brand-new status.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Checklist

  • Our process starts by vacuuming the floor to remove any loose debris.

  • We then mask off any areas around the flooring that may need to be protected during the cleaning.

  • We apply an oxidizing and degreasing cleaner that works deep down to dislodge the dirty soil from the floor.

  • We pay attention to grout lines by scrubbing the grout with a specialized brush made for that purpose.

  • Once this has been done, we use a floor machine to thoroughly scrub the rest of the tile or stone.
  • We wash and dry the floor.

Transcend Facility Services Tile & Grout Cleaning