Willow Grove, PA Carpet Cleaning Services: Commercial & Residential

Moore Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Benefits

  • No lengthy waiting for the carpet to dry/walk on or use your carpet immediately.

  • No chemicals to mix that are harmful to your children and pets.

  • No filling and dumping of heavy, messy water tanks.

  • Clean the whole carpet, and not just where it’s dirty.

  • None toxic. Saves water and energy.

  • 100% Plant based; safer for children and pets.

Our Dry Extraction Cleaner is a soft, natural product that is environmentally responsible and works in much the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge. Just like you would use a sponge to wipe up a spill, or to wash and absorb dirt from a counter or wall, our process is used to wash and absorb dirt from your carpet fibers in your Willow Grove, PA home or office.

As with using a kitchen sponge, you want to limit the amount of water you use while cleaning. Think of the carpet pile as a vertical surface, like a wall. If you use too much liquid, it will run down the yarn toward the carpet backing, just as too much liquid runs down a wall. If you allow this dissolved dirt to run down the backing, it can be more difficult to remove and can wick back.

Our Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning process employs a heavy-duty hot water extraction system to clean your Willow Grove, PA business or residential carpets. After a thorough vacuuming, a cleaning agent is applied and then agitated into the carpet with a soft brush. After about 15 minutes, the carpet is rinsed with a high-pressure jet of clean, hot water, which is immediately pulled back into the reservoir with the dirt, grease, and oils released from the carpet.

A steam-cleaned carpet will typically dry within 6 to 10 hours.

We employ both processes based on the condition of the carpet and the maintenance program the Willow Grove, PA client desires. We can also execute both processes to achieve the desired result. We also use spotters and targeted processes based on the carpet’s condition.