Our most significant strategic imperative is “Client Relations.” The underlining key performance indicators we defined are geared towards furthering an interactive and collaborative co-existence. We begin by evaluating and assessing what success looks like. An important element to this end is engaging our workforce across all levels to embrace the concept. We encourage all employees across our organization to develop a “relational” ownership mentality. We just do not leave the employees on their own but enhance their leadership capabilities through increased communication, coaching, and development.

Why is this so important to us? In our rapidly evolving business economic environment, clients are continuously looking towards maximizing stakeholders’ value. As a result, service providers are constantly being evaluated to determine alignment to business objectives. At Transcend Facility Management Company, LLC , we are aware of this process and do not take a passive approach with our clients’ relationship. We proactively seek innovative ways to enhance the appearances of our clients’ facilities, we look for ways to guard against health risks to our clients’ stakeholders, and we employ state of the art equipment to preserve the life spans of our clients’ assets.

This process starts with our employees. We engage, coach and develop our employees. We realize that without an engaged workforce, we cannot achieve relational sustainability with our clients. We also provide our employees with innovative products and processes to increase their productivity and efficiency. Recently, we invested in a ride on automatic floor scrubber and placed it at one of our educational institution client sites. Our team lead was encouraged and lauded the company for making him feel appreciated, valued, and supported.

Enhance, Guard, Preserve can only be maximized through human capital. Yes, we purchase state of the art equipment to facilitate our offerings, we partner with industry leaders to maximize eco-friendly products to deliver our offerings, but our human capital resources are the engine that makes our business go.

At Transcend Facility Management Company, LLC , our primary reason for being in business is to increase client value. We do this by partnering with our clients in a way that we are viewed as an extension of their operational staff. The most significant values we add are to enhance the appearance of our clients’ facilities, guard against health risks to our clients’ stakeholders, and we expand the life cycle of our clients’ assets.