We deep clean, disinfect, and sanitize facilities to remove pathogens, including viruses.

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We are transforming facilities and boosting reputations

President & CEO, Founder

Spencer Moore

Manager, Client Relationships

Emily Steffey

Associate, Business Operations

Korin Plylaharn

Sales and Marketing

Taylor Severn

Facility Maintenance

Bobby Gant

Manager, Quality & Safety Compliance

Ruvini Jayasinghe

Our mission is to augment client environments through flawless execution of our values so they can optimize their core competencies.


Our vision is to transform the building service contracting industry and redefine a higher standard of professionalism.

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  • Client relations beginning with interactive communication that exceeds customer expectations.

  • High-performing culture beginning with recruitment, incentives, and opportunities.

  • Operations excellence driven by extensive training and a supportive work environment.

  • Innovative solutions achieved by leveraging green products and efficient processes.

  • Regulatory adherence to government, client, and organizational policies.

Our Competitive Advantage
  • Commitment to service excellence is our standard.
  • Fostering a high-performance culture is our goal.
  • Dedication to eco-friendly solutions differentiates us.
Corporate Responsibility

We hire and mentor people in the communities we service.
We maintain high safety levels for our employees and clients.
We take responsibility for our actions that impact people.

Transforming Spaces with Innovative Solutions:

We have a strategy, strategic imperatives, key performance indicators, metrics, and scorecards to maximize client value.

We establish check point meetings to evaluate what is working, what needs improvement, and how to increase service quality.

We conduct comprehensive background checks on all employees to ensure compliance and provide comfort to our clients.

Boosting Reputations with Operational Excellence:

We ENHANCE the appearance of facilities to boost our clients’ reputation and increase their employees’ engagement.

We GUARD against health risks to spaces people live, work, eat, worship, learn, and recuperate to keep them safe.

We PRESERVE the life spans of our clients’ assets, recognizing they are significant cost investments our clients make.

How can we help you?


To better serve you, we actively pursue relevant certifications and thought leadership initiatives.