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Construction projects create all sorts of messes and debris in the midst of transformation. Whether you are constructing a new facility, building an addition, or finishing up another home or office renovation project, you will need professional construction cleanup services.

Taking matters into your own hands can be tempting in an effort to save money, but doing so will leave you with subpar results at best. Cleaning up construction yourself will likely leave you or someone else with an injury. Outsourcing this process to commercial cleaning companies is exercising wisdom that will yield the best results possible.

Here are some benefits to hiring seasoned professionals to clean up after your construction project.


Construction sites can be dangerous, so naturally, the cleanup process is too. Scattered nails and screws, odds and ends of wood, and other leftover materials on the scene pose hazards to unsuspecting DIYers. If you attempt to do the post-construction cleanup yourself, inhaling the dust accompanied by construction projects could give you respiratory issues.

Commercial cleaning companies will tackle with the right equipment to ensure no one gets injured in the cleanup process. As professionals, we are equipped with protective gear to protect us from hazards like this.

Professional crews go beyond a quick sweep and vacuum to ensure nothing dangerous or dirty is left behind and no area is overlooked. We’ll tackle the silica, sawdust, and drywall dust that has settled on every surface, from light fixtures to baseboards. Your air quality will be back to normal, and no one will track dust throughout the newly completed interior.

Construction worker on a construction site of a new office building. About 30 years old, Caucasian male.

Save Time

You’ve already invested time and patience waiting for your building or facility construction to be complete, and you’re almost at the proverbial finish line. Allow yourself to return to your routine by hiring professionals to thoroughly clean up.

A thorough post-construction cleanup can take anywhere from an hour to several days. Commercial cleaning companies have the knowledge and staffing to complete the job quickly and thoroughly.

Proper Waste Disposal

When attempting post-construction cleanup without professionals, waste disposal poses a considerable problem. Commercial construction cleaning companies like Transcend know how to comply with local Chester County, PA waste disposal ordinances to ensure that all debris is disposed of properly.

Often this task requires securing permits and licenses, which makes hiring professional janitorial services the best choice for ease of completion.


Commercial construction cleanup services may be more affordable than you think. The cost will depend on factors such as your property size and the extent of the construction project.

By delegating to professionals, you won’t risk damaging any of the work that has been completed due to DIY user error or lack of experience. You’ll also save yourself from spending money on cleaning products and equipment for the task. Professionals will be fully stocked with whatever is needed for your cleanup.

If you’re looking for the best janitorial construction cleanup in the vicinity of Chester County, PA, request a proposal from Transcend to get started.

A Glimpse of the Post-Construction Cleanup Process at Transcend
Once your project’s framing, electrical work, and plumbing have been completed, Transcend is ready to conduct our three-phase post-construction cleanup.

Removing large items is first and foremost. We will appropriately dispose of all debris, trash, leftover materials, and anything else that cannot be vacuumed.

The second – and most involved – phase is to undergo a thorough cleaning. This begins with addressing areas that serve unique purposes, such as kitchens and restrooms.

  • We clean construction dust off all floors and walls to improve air quality.
    • We clean all air vents during and after construction.
    • We dust and clean all fixtures, fans, surfaces, and decorations.
    • We clean all windows inside and outside your facility.
    • We strip, scrub, and finish floors where necessary.
    • We utilize HEPA filtration equipment to minimize harm to the air quality.

In the final phase, Transcend’s experienced professionals touch up the entire space and remove all remaining dust and dirt. After this, the space is ready for business!

Ultimately, we tailor our cleaning process to meet your individual requirements. We’ll ensure your facility is cleaned from top to bottom. Why do it yourself when our methods are proven to work and deliver outstanding results? Transcend will provide the best janitorial services available in Chester County, PA to give you the post-construction cleanliness results you desire.

Transcend is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Chester County, PA. Call us at 484-369-6950 to schedule a consultation with one of our executives. After a walkthrough of your facility, we’ll happily provide a comprehensive plan to fulfill your post-construction cleaning needs and a quote that meets your budget threshold.

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