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We’ve all been conditioned to think of spring as a time to do major deep cleaning in our indoor spaces. But what if we made our lives easier by incorporating small but productive cleaning habits into our daily routines?

Start Small

Like forming any new habit, it is best to start small. Instead of changing everything at once and quickly burning yourself (or your colleagues or employees) out, pick somewhere to begin and adjust one thing at a time.

If you hate cleaning or organizing, starting small is extra essential. Decide on a time of day to clean out the coffee pot and stick to it. Organize your desk every Thursday and repeat. Consistency will make the task easier and less of a drudgery!

Once you see efficient results, it will increase your confidence and momentum for a domino effect throughout the entire workspace.

Disinfect Daily

Depending on your line of work, you may already have incorporated this one! Health centers have this mastered, but hopefully, the past few years have brought the importance of disinfecting any workspace to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Sanitizing desks, chairs, keyboards, and phones at the end of each workday will help eliminate bacteria and viruses in offices and educational institutions. Disinfecting counters, appliances, and other surfaces in common break rooms, kitchens, and restrooms will also help prevent and reduce the spread of germs.

Commercial cleaning and janitorial companies like Transcend have comprehensive processes for doing this, and we are equipped to help your place of business combat pathogens and create safe spaces.

Deal With Dust

Dusty spaces are a nightmare to be in, let alone accomplish work. Use a microfiber cloth on your desk and surrounding equipment to trap dust regularly.

At Transcend, we tackle the dust in all sorts of environments, like instruments and sound equipment in worship centers or the appliances in industrial spaces. Regular dusting keeps everyone healthy and performing at their best! It will make your space more welcoming and ensure that allergy sufferers are not wheezing.

Get Organized

Instead of purging once a year for spring cleaning, establish a habit of getting rid of clutter as you go. If you don’t need it, trash it. And for the supplies, equipment, and personal items that you must keep on hand, find a way to organize them that truly works for you or those who regularly use them.

This process may involve some trial and error, but keep trying until you find what works. For example, consider color-coded labels for sorting and organizing paperwork if that is an area that tends to get out of control. You could also try separating your work area into miniature “zones” that add definition and organization, such as one spot for handwritten work and another for reading.

Take Out the Trash

Clutter creates stress, so taking out the trash daily is an excellent way to eliminate the overwhelming annual spring clean buildup. Purge anything at your workstation that you do not use or need. Once you finish, make throwing trash away a regularly scheduled task. This cuts down on clutter, dust, and even potentially funky smells. In addition, clearly label recycling receptacles and place them in a central location for yourself and everyone else to access.

Best Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Chester County, PA

Here at Transcend, we leverage our commercial cleaning experience and resources for our clients’ benefit. If you’re looking for commercial janitorial services in the Chester County, PA area, contact us to schedule a consultation for a walk-through of your facility. We look forward to providing you with a comprehensive commercial cleaning program to fulfill your janitorial needs and eliminate any overwhelming feelings that the words ‘spring cleaning’ bring to mind! Call us at (484)209-0755 so we can help you keep moving forward.

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