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As shipping warehouses gear up for the chaos of the holiday season and all the extra hours and stress that can accompany it, prioritizing and encouraging safety is more important than ever. Many distribution warehouses have been getting busier each year with no signs of slowing down, which is great news as long as plans are in place to safely navigate the growing pace.

Taking a common-sense approach to safe working practices will go a long way toward preventing disaster, so here are 7 warehouse safety tips we wanted to share with you:

1. Model the right behavior

Team leaders play a pivotal role in setting the standard across the board and especially when it comes to using the proper safety protocol. If employees have been told to perform a task in a certain way, administrators must do the same. Taking shortcuts is often one way that injuries and common accidents occur, so lead by example by following proper protocol every time. Reducing the number of accidents will simultaneously reduce the financial burden on the company. The effectiveness of any safety program hinges on buy-in and support from the top down and at every level.

2. Get everyone involved

Warehouse workers should be attending the safety meetings, events, and programs happening at your workplace. Teaching and practicing safety and cleaning procedures is important. Practice is key because safety training needs to be ongoing to be effective. We talk about what we care about most, so the more we communicate about safety and cleaning procedures in the warehouse, the better – especially as the holiday rush unfolds. Safety training is always evolving and is therefore a journey, rather than a once-and-done scenario.

3. Prioritize cleanliness

A clean workplace is without exception a safer workplace. Keeping the warehouse neat and organized, as well as clean, will have a positive effect on employees. Cleanliness encourages everyone to perform their tasks safely and well. Regularly scheduled commercial cleaning and disinfecting will take a burden off everyone’s back at your warehouse. Investing time, money, and resources into keeping your Philadelphia, PA area warehouse clean and organized with commercial disinfecting cleaning services will make it easy for employees to find supplies and equipment and increase overall productivity.

Being in compliance with all of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other federal health and safety standards is essential, and our team at Transcend is well-versed in knowing what those are and how to clean your warehouse to comply with the highest standards. Our commercial cleaning and disinfecting services can help your warehouse(s) to avoid penalties or fines related to violation of regulations. Transcend is ready to provide full-day and night servicing while you are operating, in order to meet the unique needs of your Philadelphia, PA industrial space. We are equipped to face whatever challenges your industrial enterprise may present.

4. Document everything

Remember that all safety training and procedures need to be documented, complete with the date that safety training was provided to employees and who was in attendance.

5. Employ solutions to eliminate germs

Make sure employees know they are required to stay home when they are sick. Adhering to this simple practice can help to prevent the spread of COVID and any workplace germs. Natural light and well-lit spaces in a warehouse can also go a long way in destroying harmful bacteria. But no matter what your warehouse setup looks like, commercial disinfectant cleaning services will help to ensure your employees remain healthy. Transcend will complete focused cleaning of high-touch areas, such as light switches, door handles, and the surfaces in break rooms and common areas, so that each space remains hygienic.

6. Emphasize awareness of surroundings

Promote a constant awareness of surroundings among workers. Make sure each person knows where the emergency exits are located, where the emergency alarms are and how to activate them, and where the fire extinguishers are and how to use those. Employees should also be encouraged to report any potentially dangerous situations or tasks to management. Doing this can prevent countless injuries.

7. Encourage warehouse pride

Have you ever noticed the signs at construction sites showing the number of days the crew has gone without injuries? Visual motivational reminders like those can be a good addition to warehouses to encourage employees to focus on safety and maintain momentum from a job well done.

Incentive programs for warehouse safety can also be effective. If a manager notices someone working safely – such as using proper lifting techniques – he or she can acknowledge that person’s actions with a gift card, candy, or another prize. Rather than playing the blame game when accidents occur, administrators should focus on offering positive feedback to employees for safe working practices.

When warehouse employees see and know that management is dedicating time and resources to commercial cleaning and disinfecting for the workplace, it naturally instills a sense of pride and motivation to perform well.

We believe practicing these warehouse safety tips will help to maximize the wellbeing of your employees and ensure your company continues to thrive in the busy holiday season. If you are searching for commercial cleaning and disinfecting services for your Philadelphia, PA area warehouse, contact Transcend today by scheduling a consultation online or calling 408-209-0755.

We are committed to your success and work diligently to achieve your facility maintenance needs. With our extensive years of service industry experience at Transcend, you will gain a trusted partner to deliver the quality of service that exceeds your expectations.

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