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Facility managers have navigated countless obstacles as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in 2020 and into 2021, and now with the delta variant and renewed concern, change seems to be the only constant. With confusion over new rules of safety and shared spaces, having a strong strategy in place for facility operations and maintenance is as important as ever.


With rethinking and reprioritizing things like cleaning services, indoor air quality, and workspace configurations, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way now and later. Transcend Facility Maintenance Company, a trusted agency servicing the six counties of Southeastern, PA offering comprehensive janitorial services, is here to help you map out and employ a strategy for your peace of mind and continued productivity amidst whatever comes around the corner.


Do you understand how to make cost-effective preventative maintenance a reality for your facility? At Transcend, as a premier janitorial services agency, we aim to help our clients understand that preventative maintenance is a fluid process that will have a large impact on a property’s bottom line if properly implemented.

If you haven’t yet, begin with making a list of your facility’s components and collecting basic information about the condition of each one. Having all this information organized and accessible for yourself and any other company leadership is key for identifying maintenance needs. Creating this list will also enable facility managers to plan ahead and evaluate the costs for projects that need to be prioritized.


  • Be as methodical as possible with compiling the list
  • Decide on a regular schedule to re-evaluate
  • Assign ratings for the condition of each component of your facility list
  • Remember that not all projects are of equal importance
  • Evaluate costs and create a long-term plan
  • Incorporate the plan into the budget
  • Connect preventative maintenance with daily and weekly tasks

Like just about anything else in life, without a plan in place, maintenance tends to be reactive instead of proactive. Being proactive about maintenance will give your Southeastern PA area company an edge not only in the time of Covid-19 but forevermore.


Safety and Efficiency

Facilities must maintain at least baseline levels of operations and safety, but those who want to thrive are aiming for top-notch safety and efficiency in all areas. Once you’ve identified priority maintenance and needs, it is time to put safe and efficient strategies into practice. Though increased vaccinations may slow the spread of Covid-19, the risk of transmission unfortunately remains, which means clean and healthy workspaces are a must. In light of that, top janitorial companies need to be transparent and communicate clearly about the way they have cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized spaces.

Transcend offers complete deep cleaning and disinfecting services to combat pathogens – including viruses – to ensure you and your team have safe spaces to work. Many organizations have transitioned into open office environments to allow for social distancing. Open areas can be more conducive to increased ventilation, which positively effects indoor air quality. Whatever your safety plan looks like, Transcend will work with you to make and implement a plan to give your team a safe and efficient work environment. Our comprehensive process will detect, eliminate, and ensure pathogens are nonexistent on all surfaces to guard against health risks.


Top Janitorial Company

The right janitorial services agency will make your job less stressful. Covid-19 has taught us, or reminded us, that cleaning is a critical tool for keeping everyone healthy, but in reality, it only helps when it is conducted in an effective and thorough way. Even the best systems and offices may prove worthless or ineffective if not properly cared for, cleaned, and maintained to guard against health risks for everyone.

As you create and sharpen your strategies for your company’s success, contact Transcend at 484-209-0755 or to ensure your facility will be guarded against health risks and able to remain open and operational with maximum success.


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