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As the number of Americans receiving COVID-19 vaccinations is on the rise and people reacclimate to life in the outside world, businesses have the opportunity to evaluate what the ‘new normal’ can and should look like for them. Is your facility ready? Is your operations plan prepared for new business norms? As a trusted facilities maintenance partner, Transcend will work with you to develop a plan of action moving forward and will deliver a quality of service that exceeds your expectations.

The COVID-19 virus and its effects as a health crisis, as well as an economic upheaval, may be felt indefinitely, which makes taking precautionary measures as a business as crucial as ever. Transcend can work with you to establish and implement preventive maintenance measures for proper sanitization to guard against health risks. Whether your facility has the same number of employees back in a central workspace or is adapting to working with a smaller team, Transcend can help you to optimize your workspace setup and keep your operations moving forward.

For organizations that are looking to increase sanitization procedures or catch up on custodial and maintenance work that may be overdue, Transcend offers an experienced, professional staff ready to position you for success with whatever goals you have. Transcend enhances your facility with innovative solutions that are achieved by using green products and efficient processes.

Documentation is another essential as everyone adjusts to the so-called ‘new normal.’ As Transcend works with you, rest assured in knowing the team will establish a work order process that can include weekly and monthly reporting systems detailing all projects and segmenting and categorizing projects according to their level of significance and urgency.

It has been said that the only thing predictable about a virus is that it is sure to be unpredictable. With that in mind, Transcend continues to fulfill all CDC guidelines, OSHA protocols, state mandates, and client requests to keep facilities clean and safe for all.

For facility leaders seeking to ensure a cohesive sense of awareness as to the safety and sanitation procedures on site, the team members at Transcend are happy to provide education and a customized solution.

Is your facility prepared for the ‘new normal?’ Visit Transcend Facility Management Company or call (484) 369-6950 to schedule a consultation for your facility today. Transcend will deliver a quality of service to exceed your expectations.

Transcend your space. Transcend tomorrow.

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