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Transcend Facility Management Company objective is to serve as an extension of our clients’ operations team by providing value to our clients. As we free up our clients to focus on their core competencies, we increase our value. A primary focus of our company is to remain a strong and profitable going concern. To that end, we have established strategies, imperatives, key performance indicators, metrics, and scorecards to track and measure our progress. We cannot improve upon service quality if we do not track and measure our performance.

Transcend Facility Management Company business process management starts with a structured, systematic approach to improve interactions between people and machines. Some goals we set include improving efficiency, building effectiveness, maximizing productivity, and agility to foster innovation, boost quality, speed up delivery and improve customer satisfaction. Our collection of tips, expert commentary and learning content covers all aspects of our business process management and strategy. We embrace best practices, leverage industry associations, implement enterprise architecture and technology deployment to achieve our objectives.

The tactic we use to implement Transcend Facility Management Company business process management is “Enhance, Guard, Preserve.” Everything we do at Transcend Facility Management Company is focused on enhancing the appearance of our clients’ facilities, guarding against health risks to our clients and stakeholders, and preserving the life spans of our clients’ assets.

Enhance, Guard, Preserve deliver maximum benefit to our clients by minimizing sick call outs from work by teachers, nurses, technicians, and support staff. Research shows that each employee calls out sick on average 7.7 days a year at a cost of $225 billion annually. We reduce this expense to our clients.

We are looking for clients who are seeking a comprehensive commercial janitorial management company. Our target market segments are businesses, educational institutions, health centers, worship centers, government entities as well as hospitality and event centers.

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